How to Brew

  • Hot Brew  
  • Cold Brew  
The first cup

Put 4g of tea leaves inside Kyusu.

Pour hot water at 70℃.

After waiting 1 minute and 20 seconds without the lid on, put the lid on and pour gently into the cup.

Move the lid to release the heat. You can brew deliciously two more time.
The tea leaves can be reused up to three times.

The second cup

Hot water: 80℃

Brewing tme: 10 seconds 

*The tea leaves already opened in the first brewing.

The third cup

Hot water: 80-90℃

Brewing tme: 15 seconds

Recommendation: Add brown rice to the tea leaves. You can enjoy Genmai tea!

step 1

Add 25g of tea leaves in a tea pitcher filled with 1 liter of cold water.You can add more water if you want to lessen the bitter taste.

step 2

Leave in the refrigerator for over night (more than 3 hours).Keep at a temperature of 3-5℃.

step 3

Use strainer to strain the tea, then keep it in the refrigerator.

Please finish the tea before the end of the day.

step 4

We also recommend you warm the cold brew tea.Cold tea is more refleshing than hot tea.