032 TSUYUHIKARI EI : Single-origin green tea by Senchado Tokyo

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Hi, I'm Mikito from Senchado Tokyo as the co-founder and the designer. I would love to introduce you the incredible world of green tea! We are redesigning green tea to change the concept of old-fashioned tea into new dimension.


TSUYUHIKARI is the cultivar of Sencha, green tea, EI is the name of the area. The thick and heavy taste is the symbol of EI (also called as Chiran) the southern part of Kagoshima. Once you drink, you will get motivated.

This tea is made by a young leader of southern Kagoshima. His name is Kenichiro Shimokubo. He is an enthusiastic tea farmer of making heavy thick green tea. The quality of tea is stable because the vision is clear and the theory is steadfast.


Here is our index of taste of green tea. It is just a reference but you can use it for find your favorites!

Sweetness: ★★
Bitterness: ★★★
Umami: ★★★


Here is the information of producing: what the tea is, where the tea leaf comes from, who made it, how high the altitude is and how the roasting is.

These are really important information to know the green tea deeply. But there never was such thing or concept when we start tea business

Origin Ei, Kagoshima
Farmer Shimokubo Isao Tea Factory (Kenichiro Shimokubo)
Altitude 222m
Steam level Deep
Roasting 93℃ 10min


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